Irish Horses grazing under Northern NY wind turbines
We have been farming on our Tughill farm  for over 10 years. We have been applying sustainable organic principles since we took over and have been certified organic since 2001. We believe in treating all our animals as humanly as possible and try to give them the most natural way to grow. All our animals are pastured during the warmer seasons, and have nice barns with plenty of bedding and feed during the cold winter months.
Besides our organic farming practices we also try to support some rare and disappearing heritage breeds: British White Park Cattle, Irish Draught Horses, Tamworth pigs, Red Bourbon and Slate Turkeys, American Chinchilla Rabbits and last but not least our Spinone Italiano, a rare and ancient bird hunting dog from Italy.

Our beef and pork are excelling at their production with mainly forage intake, as they were all bred and selected for, a long time ago.

All our grains are grown on the farm and also used to feed our animals (poultry, horses, pigs) during the colder season.

It's our most important goal to give our animals the happiest, most natural life they can possibly live, while under the care of us humans.
British White Park Cattle bullcalves in Spring

   'You become responsible forever,    
    for what you have tamed'
    Antoine de Saint Exupery

   You can reach us at:

    Northern Quest Farm
    Michael and Marisa Frazier
    3752 Yancey Rd
    Lowville NY 13367

    phone home:  315 376 4905
                 cell:   315 408 5828